Κατάδυση σε βυθισμένο γερμανικό αεροπλάνο

Αεροπλάνο Messerscmitt

Μια από τις πιο διάσημες τοποθεσίες καταδύσεων είναι το MESSERSCHMITT 109, ένα Γερμανικό μαχητικό αεροπλάνο του δεύτερου παγκόσμιου πόλεμου. Τα υπολείμματα του βρίσκοται βυθισμένα 800 μέτρα από την ακτή, σε βάθος 24 - 30 μέτρων, 10 λεπτά από το καταδυτικό μας κέντρο στην Αγία Πελαγία.

    Αρχάριος   Εμπειρος
Κατάλληλο για δύτες:    
Ανώτατο Βάθος Κατάδυσης:   30 μ

The wreck of the Messerscmitt airplane is found lying upside down, broken into several pieces. The wings and fuselage are intact and you can see inside the cockpit. One of the machine guns is clearly visible & one of the ammunition belts, (loaded, DON'T touch!) lies on the sea bed.

One wheel is still attached, and the other lies a few meters from the wreck. The tail of the plane was evidently sheared off upon impact as it can be found some 50m away from the fuselage at a slightly deeper depth of 30m. The exact cause of the crash is yet to be discovered.

Over the years the wreck has gradually built up a blanket of plant life and become host to large groupers and moray eels. The area surrounding the wreck is sandy, but there is a small reef about 20m away, at a depth of 24m.

The site is located by GPS onboard our boat specially designed dive boat "Petros-Iro" and is dived as the first dive of the day. Due to the depth it is a dive for experienced divers.

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