El Greco Cave

Are you an advanced diver with experience on cave diving? Then El Greco Cave is the ideal dive for you!

The dive begins descending next to the wall in the blue waters of El Greco. We arrive at the entrance of this fascinating marine cave at a depth of 17 meters.

The cave is approximately 30 meters in length, with an opening height 8m and width 5m and core height and depth of approximately 7m. This gradual passage into the cave allows both new and experienced cavern divers to adjust to their new environment and enjoy an amazing sight for the eyes as we encounter the incredible variety of colorful fauna and flora it has to offer.

Beautiful stalagmites and stalactites can be found. On other places fresh water is floating in from the ceiling and creates a really fascinating optical iridescence when coming in contact with the saltwater.

At the rear end you will find a vertical siphon (opening). By using a rope you ascend through the tunnel until you reach the cave’s top which includes an air-filled room. You can even have a sit-down here and enjoy the fascinating view!

Certified DiversLevel 1Level 2 or above
Suitable for:x

This cave is also an ideal start for experienced advanced divers, with experience in night diving, who are interested in cave-diving:

  1. The big size of this cave permits the simultaneous entrance to at least 8 divers.
  2. The straight course through the cave allows constant optical contact to the exit, almost from every point inside the cave.
  3. The bottom consists of hard stone-sand, so the visibility stays clear of whirled up sand.
  4. There is no danger for the diver to get trapped or entangled.
    We finish our dive outside of the cave, where the reef and the vertical wall next to it, has a lot to offer us!

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