Lygaria is one of the most beautiful dive sites in our area and just 0.8 nautical miles away from our dive center in Agia Pelagia. Our dive is conducted around the small peninsula of the area Lygaria and it offers a great biodiversity with large amounts of small and bigger fish as well.

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The reef around the peninsula forms different levels, something like “steps”, starting at 6 meters, where we anchor our boat, then 12 and finally at 18 meters. The deepest part of this dive site is at 24 meters which is in the North-West side, on the corner of the reef.

After turning around the corner we move closer and parallel to the wall at a depth of 14 meters where we meet a swim through. The swim through is a place where we can see moray eels, crabs, scorpion fish and depending on the season we occasionally see lobsters.

The entrance of this tunnel is at 14 meters and the exit is at 8. It is wide enough to fit one person at a time passing through safely. It is one of the most exciting parts of this dive site and it is easy enough even for divers with minimum experience.

After exiting the swim through we follow the same way back to our boat but in shallower water. On the way back we stay between 10 and 12 meters close to the wall of the reef, which is the part where we meet with many small fish like damselfish, different kinds of sea bream, and occasionally bigger fish like amberjacks, which form large groups and are a pleasant company close to the end of our dive. Just before we arrive back to our boat and do our safety stop, we can see 3 bombs from World War II which lay at 11 meters depth.

All along our dive we also meet with groupers of different sizes, moray eels, anemones, different kinds of nudibranchs and inside the many small and bigger holes we can see crabs, lobsters, scorpion fish and octopus and colonies of small red corals.

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