Dia’s Rock

Dia’s Rock is located in a small bay, 1.5 nautical miles away from our dive center in Agia Pelagia. The reef inside of the bay is gradually going from 5 meters down to 18, and on the outside it creates a slope which starts at 8 meters and can go up to 25 meters deep.

Certified DiversLevel 1Level 2 or above
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Our boat anchors close to the shore in shallow and calm waters, at the depth of 5 meters, making our descent very easy. We start our dive following the reef which leads us towards the corner of the bay at a depth of 18 meters. Just before the corner at the depth of 16 meters, under a rock there are small metallic parts and the shell of a mine from World War II.

After the mine we turn outside of the bay which leads us to a place with many cavities where we can find groupers and moray eels. This corner is the home of many sardines, sea breams and damselfish which many times form a beautiful cloud of different colors.

On the deeper part of the reef we can usually spot larger groupers, dentex and other larger fish hunting for their pray. As soon as we start heading back to the boat we start ascending to shallower water coming closer to the wall of the reef at 12 meters.

This is the spot where we meet again with the large groups of smaller fish as well as crabs, nudibranch and occasionally trumpet fish and barracudas. We end our dive conducting the safety stop underneath our boat in the crystal clear water of this beautiful bay, where we can find octopus hiding in small holes in the rocks.

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