Daedalos diving site is only 0.5 miles away from our diving center in Agia Pelagia.

Certified DiversLevel 1Level 2 or above
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At 22 meters depth we meet the first huge rock which, with a height of 14 meters and a perimeter of 30 meters, plays host to an abundance of aquatic life.

By using a torch we can see a lot of animals and plants inside the rock’s cavities: shrimps, crabs, small lobsters, octopus, sea anemones, etc. The following course along the reef at Daedalos is very impressive.

We dive in a maximum depth of 27 meters. From here parts of the reef extend high up to the surface, this way a charming mountain-like contour rises above the divers who are continuing on their course along the marine valleys of Daedalos.

Among the reef we meet groupers, snappers, bluefin trevally, octopus, morays, schools of small Mediterranean fish, and lot of different kinds of sponges.

A special course at this dive site is also offered to the inexperienced diver. Here the divers are carefully guided along a path where the depth slowly increases to a maximum of 18 meters.

It is an easy course surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora and therefore ideal for beginners.

Please find more information about our programs for certified divers and make a reservation here.

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