Neptune’s Rock

Neptune’s Rock is a quite different dive site from all the other dive sites in our area. This place has a more pure and wild kind of beauty. The depths on this dive site vary from 18 meters maximum for beginners and 28 meters for more experienced divers.

Certified DiversLevel 1Level 2 or above
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The first part of our dive is guided through many big and smaller rocks lying on the sandy bottom, creating the perfect place for groupers, as well as smaller fish and anemones to live in. As soon as we get to 18 meters depth we arrive on a steep slope where we meet Neptune’s Rock. This massive rock is 25 meters wide and close to 20 meters high, starting at a depth of 28 meters and coming up to approximately 8. All around the rock there are many cavities where lobsters, crabs, shrimps, moray eels, anemones and more sea animals live in. This place is also home for groupers, octopus and colorful nudibranchs.

On the way back we follow the same route across the wall of the reef at a depth of 12 meters heading towards our boat. Ending our dive we enter a naturally formed round port with a maximum depth of 7 meters, which resembles a lake with great visibility and very still water. This part is perfect for relaxing your mind, while doing our safety stop, because of the beautiful colors on the many rocks of different shapes and sizes and the groups of small fish that live there.

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