Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is one of the most fascinating cave dives in Crete, and it is located close to Agia Pelagia.

Certified DiversLevel 1Level 2 or above
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2.3 miles West of the Agia Pelagia dive centre, the boat anchors right in front of the cave’s entrance. Even before entering the water, the divers are already impressed of the huge rocky wall, which extends vertically from the surface down to 100 meters.

Depending on the diver’s experience the maximum depth of this dive varies between 22 to 31 meters.

Directly in front of the cave are several large rocks and a reef offering an attractive living space for the white bream, jack fish and snappers that inhabit the area. The vegetation is also very beautiful with an impressive variety of sponges and red and soft coral. April through June also sees the area become “home” to a number of Lobsters.

As we dive closer towards the cave’s entrance the wall around it is full of small holes and cavities where – in the light of the torch – the divers can observe shells, shrimps, plants and other marine organisms.

We enter the cave at a depth of 12 meters. The cave’s width is 11 meters and its length is 15 meters. The ceiling of the cave’s entrance-hall is so high that it breaks through the surface and we can see the waves crashing in above us. The amazing colors of the typical flora and fauna of the cave can be observed in the shine of the torches lights.

The cave’s rear end is so narrow, only one diver can stay there with comfort. At this final core point of the cave, the salt water of the sea meets the fresh water coming into the cave and you can look up through the fabulous halocline at beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

For the more experienced diver nature offers a nice surprise: there is a siphon on the cave’s right side, which follows a semicircular course of 15 meters and leads the divers behind the wall into another hall which is big enough for four divers. In this hall area we can peer back out through small openings in the cave wall permitting us to have a wonderful ‘room with a view’ in the deep blue of the open sea…a sight not to be missed!

This is a very impressive dive site for all divers; except the “siphon” which can obviously only be offered to the experienced diver. The siphon, like the cave, has no entanglement possibilities or any other kind of danger.

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