Big Anchor dive site

diving in creteBig Anchor” is one of the most marvelous reefs we have in the area of Agia Pelagia, and it is only 0.5 miles west of our diving centre.

Beginners Advanced
Suitable for:
Depth: 33m

On this course large groupers, striped groupers and the ever curious snappers accompany the divers from a close distance.

At a depth of 27 meters we see the big ring of an ancient anchor standing majestically upright from the sea bed. The anchor dates over 400 years old and with a span of 3 meters in height and two meters in width it makes for impressive viewing.

A striking grouper of 1.1 meters length has its territory around the giant residue. We call him “the guard of the anchor” (or Bruno, when he’s not working!) and he probably knows everything about its mystic history. Divers and the fish often observe each other curiously up to a distance of 5 meters.

As if these highlights were not enough, the scenery around “Big Anchor” is also stunningly beautiful. At a depth of around 33 meters you will find huge sponges, parts of broken amphorae and continue to enjoy impromptu interactions with snappers, which come seem to appear from nowhere, just to satisfy their own curiosity. A great variety of plants and beautiful fish (sometimes even Spanish Dancers) find their living place in and alongside the reef at “Big Anchor”.

The water around this reef is crystal clear with visibility regularly reaching up to 30 meters.

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