Malia Diving Sites

Agios Georgios Diving location near Malia

A nice, relaxing dive in the area of Malia under easy and calm conditions.

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Maximum diving depth 18 m 18 m

In less than 15 minutes boat drive to the west from Malia Port we meet the small cape of St George. Here, we start the dive from the wall, on the east side of the cape where there are two very beautiful holes like small caves, which are very spectacular.

Then we follow the reef from the shallow water to a northeast direction straight to the open sea. The reef starts from 8 meters and gets deeper slowly, as we swim to the deeper side which reaches the 18 meters maximum depth.

In this dive site we meet different kind of fish like groupers, octopus, moray eels and a lot of schools of smaller fish, together with big anemones, sponges and other sea vegetation.

This is an easy dive for all the divers and the beginners.

photo of sponge

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